The Autism Partnership Method: Social Skills Group


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The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the Autism Partnership Method for designing and conducting behaviorally based social skills groups for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This book is divided into three sections: 

  1. Introductory Information
    • Within the first section the reader will find overviews of Applied Behavior Analysis, social behavior, Autism Spectrum Disorder, the Autism Partnership Method, and research evaluating the use of social skills groups
  2. Running Behaviorally Based Social Skills Groups
    • The second section provides the reader with direction in developing, running and evaluating their own social skills group.
  3. Curriculum
    • Section three provides an extensive curriculum, with detailed programs and goals, for running a behaviorally based social skills groups.

“This new book from Autism Partnership offers an excellent blending of theoretical, research-based and practical advice for designing important lessons within group contexts for individuals with ASD aimed at promoting and expanding social skills.”  Andy Bondy, Ph.D., Pyramid Global Partners



Ron Leaf, Ph.D.,
Christine M. Milne, Ph.D.,
Jeremy A. Leaf., M.A.,
Jonathan M. Rafuse, M.S.,
Joseph H. Cihon, Ph.D.,
Julia L. Ferguson, M.S.,
Misty L. Oppenheim-Leaf, M.A.,
John McEachin, Ph.D.,
Mitchell Taubman, Ph.D. and
Toby Mountjoy, M.A.

Product Dimensions and pages: 216 x 280 x 21mm

Product Weight: 1200g

Language: English


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