In a field exploding with alternative treatments, choosing the best course of action for the child with autism (ASD) can be a daunting task. This book explores the empirical data behind treatments and offers compelling practical evidence on the science behind Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as the most reliable approach.

In supporting the notion that every individual must be approached according to their needs, goals and progress, this is a book written with knowledge and compassion for children, parents and professionals who deal with autism on a daily basis. This aim is to empower parents and professionals to ensure that their children receive quality educational programming.
  • ABA As a Scientific Method
  • Alternative Treatments for ASD: What is the Science?
  • Home vs School: Which Side Are You On?
  • ASD and the IEP
  • How Realistic Is The Aim For Recovery?
  • Sense and Nonsense about Inclusion
  • The Road Map To Successful Integration

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