Online Seminar (Bahasa): Video Sesuai Permintaan (VoD) - Kuliah Online dan Diskusi 2 Jam: Pentingnya ‘kesiapan belajar‘ untuk anak ASD memasuki usia sekolah


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Parents of children with ASD are eager to send their children to school just like other typically developing children. While many schools welcome children with ASD to learn in their schools, parents and teachers are often not well informed whether the learning environment provided by the schools are conducive to the long-term development of the children. The lack of relevant learning abilities and being sent to school hastily, will not only hinder their progress but also dilute the “golden age” of treatment.

Our 2-hour didactic lecture in Bahasa cover the skills that children with ASD will need before entering school. This includes acquiring pivotal ‘learning how to learn’ skills, which is basically teaching children the process of learning. It is the foundation to acquire all other skills needed, to be successful in learning in a group and in school.

  • Speaker (Pembicara): Ms. Nurhayati Ismail (MSc ABA, BCBA), Behavior Consultant (Konsultan Perilaku)
  • Video Sesuai Permintaan Fee (VoD Biaya): SGD 15 only.

After purchasing the online seminar, you can watch at your own schedule’s convenience for up to 7 days. A confirmation email will be sent to you with more details on how you can access the recorded seminar.



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