Online Seminar: Online Parent Training Series


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Designed to cover six critical foundations of ABA training at home, this Online Parent Series covers the following:

How do I manage my child’s behaviors at home?
–  Understand why different behaviors such as tantrums, aggression to self or others, or passive behaviors like engaging in self-stimulation and inattention occur
–  Learn how to manage these behaviors as a parent or caregiver at home to get your child to listen to you

How do I increase my child’s compliance at home?
–  Understand what is non-compliance and why non-compliance can be deliberate, but at times, may also result from a lack of knowledge or motivation.
–  Learn tips and strategies on how to increase compliance at home

How do I motivate my child to learn at home?
–  Understand what reinforcers are and how they motivate your child to learn
–  Learn how to use reinforcers to motivate your child to learn

How do I teach my child to make requests spontaneously at home?
–  Understand what is spontaneous communication and why is it important
–  Learn strategies to tempt and teach your child how to communicate his/her requests at home

How do I teach my child self-help skills at home?
–  Understand what are self-helps skills
–  Learn how to teach your child to do daily tasks with less assistance

How do I teach my child ‘learning how to learn’ skills?
–  Understand why “learning how to learn” skills is absolutely pivotal in a child’s success
–  Learn how to teach your child to understand feedback, remain calm, and pay attention to help him/her in accelerating her learning process

Duration: 9 hours

Validity: 3 months after activation


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