Training Material: Token Economy Set


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This Comprehensive Token Economy Set includes 10 token board designs and a guidebook with 5 teaching videos, it is an extremely effective contingency management system and is designed to help children with autism to:

  • Increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behavior
  • Learn to self-monitor
  • Visualize the progress of a task
  • Accept and work for delayed reinforcement

Format: 10 token board designs, an online guidebook with 5 teaching videos

Topics included in Online Guidebook:

  • What is Token Economy System?
  • Getting Started: Establish the Understanding of the Token System
  • Using Tokens for Skill Acquisition and Behaviors
  • Important Notes When Implementing the Token Economy Systems
  • Fading and Eliminating the Token Economy
  • Common Problems when Using Token Economy System



Author(s): Toby Mountjoy and Christy Lai

Language: English, Mandarin

Product Dimensions: 250 x 130 x 57mm

Product Weight : 500g



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