Training Material: Comprehension Training Set


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The Comprehension Training Set includes 10 creative scenes boards, 240+ reusable stickers and Full online manual with 9 teaching videos. This all in one teaching tool can be used to teach a wide range of comprehension programs and easy to create thousands of comprehension questions! A perfect teaching material for parents, teachers and therapists to use at home and in a class setting.

It is an effective teaching material that is used to facilitate children to:

  1. Improve their comprehension skills
  2. Increase their describing skills
  3. Expand their general knowledge and concepts


  • 10 creative scenes boards
  • 240+ reusable stickers
  • Full online manual with 9 teaching videos

What is Comprehension Training Set?


The included online guidebook will show you how to use this set to teach below programs:

Program 1 : Describing

Pick your choice of character and action. Place the character(s) onto the setting and start teaching!

Program 2 : Responding to Comprehension Questions

Pick your choice of character and action. Place the character(s) onto the setting and start teaching questions like who/ where/ what/ what is (person) doing/ what color/ how many etc.

Program 3 : Association

Take out the items that are commonly seen in different settings. Have the student sort them into different setting or name them expressively.

Program 4: Multi-part Comprehension

Stick the character(s) onto the setting. Include the target and distracters and start asking questions, e.g.

Find the (character) that is (action)/ wearing/ holding (colored/ number) (clothing/ item), etc.

Program 5 : Receptive/Expressive Labels

Pick the character/ location/ verbs/ items and start teaching!

Program 6: Gender

Take out the characters of 2 genders and have the student start sorting! Move onto receptive or expressive as necessary.

Program 7: Prepositions

Pick a furniture and the selected item(s) onto the reference point (i.e. the furniture). Ask the student to place the sticker or answer to related questions.

Program 8 : Yes/No

Pick the character/ action/ item. Ask the student questions include:

Is he/ she (action)?
Is it (preposition) (reference point)?


Author(s): Toby Mountjoy and Christy Lai

Language: English, Mandarin

Product Dimensions: 365 x 275 x 38mm

Product Weight : 1100g


Availability: 10 in stock

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