Publication: A Work In Progress DVD Video Series


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A Work in Progress is a manual containing strategies and programs that Autism Partnership had developed over the years. A Work in Progress has received positive reviews from parents and professionals alike. However, we would often hear, “If we could just see the programs in action that would be even more helpful!” Hence, we have taken the feedback and developed this DVD series.

A Work in Progress Companion Series combines written booklets on various teaching strategies along with actual demonstrations of our work with students on DVD. This includes a few of our favorite programs which illustrate the use of behavior methods to teach a variety of skills to students of all ages.

Parents and teachers will find this series a helpful companion and extension to A Work in Progress book.

Building on the seminal guide and curriculum “A Work in Progress”, this series synthesizes solid information on various teaching strategies with demonstrations of actual sessions with students.

  • Volume 1:“Cool” versus “Not Cool”
  • Volume 2:Learning How to Learn
  • Volume 3:Teaching Interactions
  • Volume 4:Token Economy
  • Volume 5:Developing Reinforcers
  • Volume 6:Bullying and ASD: The Perfect Storm
  • Volume 7:Learning How to Learn II
  • Volume 8:Communication Temptations: Building Spontaneous Language
  • Volume 9:Developing Articulation
  • Volume 10:Video Companion

Author(s): Ron Leaf, Ph.D.,  John McEachin, Ph.D. and Mitchell Taubman, Ph.D

Dimensions & Pages: 10 DVDs, a 232 pages book (size: 178 x 250mm)


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